Pink DSLR Bag at Last!

12:05 PM

I've been searching for a girly camera bag since I got Teej coz my heart screams for girlyness that puts my Black Tamrac bag to shame. It's not that I'm not grateful coz I remember myself asking for that bag as a freebie back then..but... BLACK? T_T

So, I've looked everywhere for that perfect camera bag for myself! I searched online for "pink DSLR bag" and Google has always been the sweetest thing ever. It took me to where I found this really cute HelloLulu Avis Camera Bag. ^_^ I was totally attracted by the color, when I checked the price, I was like, ok... kinda close to what I paid for an equally girly customized laptop bag So, I said to myself that I'm so gonna get this baby!

Imagine my surprise when I went to Glorietta 4 and passed by The Travel Club store, I literally stepped backwards just to make sure my eyes ain't deceiving me. Wow! I was stoked! The bag that I used to check online each night was in my hands now! I immediately bought it right away! My face was beaming that night~ ^_^ I got the pinkest DSLR baaaaggg~ :3

I tried wearing the bag (before I bought it) inside the store and kept on comparing it with the other model, the Emmerson bag. I could say that one's for a girly PRO. Hahaha! I mean, for a casual shooter like me who uses the camera for a hobby, that bag's too big and spacious. Based on the website, the Emmerson bag can hold a lot of stuff like additional lenses, external flash, battery name it. When I tried it, it looked like a duffel bag on me. For my small frame, I'd prefer the size of the Avis bag. It's somewhat the same size of the old Tamrac Velocity bag but it doesn't scream 'hey I'm a camera bag' coz it's cute enough to pass as a lunch box. :3

The bag's material is made of shiny canvas, I like that it's not too wrinkly and not prone to lint. The branding was shown all over, at the button, on zippers, inner material, and even at the side it shows a rubber HelloLulu tag. ^_^
It also has a lot of pockets to store all of my gears. I placed my lens hood at the front pocket.
..and my remote at the second pocket at the back of the top flap. See how cute the print on the material is? 
 So girly! It even has a cute name tag in case the bag gets lost. LOL.
 The inner lining is made of soft mesh and the padding is really sturdy.

 The dividers are removeable so I can choose whether I wanted to have two compartments inside for the camera + the extra lens..or three compartments with the camera (with the lens fitted downwards the middle compartment), the extra lens at the side and the charger+ the cords on the other side. Like i said, the padding is sturdy enough to hold the camera in place and still retain its shape.

The price online is $60, but I bought it for Php2,899.00. I've bought everything I need for this new hobby of mine LOL. The only thing that's missing on my list A lens pen. XD

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  1. Kelan nyo po ito nabili? Sana meron pa po :( what mall?