PPlicious: One

9:02 PM

I'm gonna start the PPlicious series. For myself. LOL. I've been looking at Tumblr too much and just recently, I've been a fan of Metro Photography's treatment on their wedding and prenup photos. Nakakainspire tuloy maging prenup at wedding photographer. But being such a noob I was, I didn't care much about the composition of the photo itself, but the gorgeous post processing they made in each photo.

I have been using Photoshop since college and I didn't know post processing was a whole different learning experience. I find it hard to blend colors in between layers and it's funny that I'm taking two hours and more just to PP a bunch of photos. ^_^ It's also great to be in a photography club, I'm getting the answers that I need especially when it comes to anything and everything about my new hobby.

I'll just share some of my post processed photos, I used Adobe Lightroom 3 + Photoshop for these pictures. Why those two? For color enhancement, I prefer to use Lightroom. Colors are more vivid and lively and I don't rely on presets too much..I make sure to tweak those sliders more to get the desired output. As for Photoshop, I use it for major 'cleanup'. Like removing noise, sharpening the image, spot removal, or if I want to put graphics on the side or create a photo with textured layers.

Sample shots with much PP :3

I've still a lot more to learn LOL. More photoshoots please! :)

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