+1 for McDonalds

10:41 PM

It was 2AM. Little sis and I were just talking about food last night (gutom much?) so we decided to give McDonalds' 24/7 delivery a try. We checked their website, ordered 2 large coke and fries, a cheeseburger and a Big Mac and waited to see if their disclaimer was true. First, our house is located at the farthest part of the subdivision. KFC, Chowking, Kenny Rogers rejected us because of our location. Then, it's effin 2AM. Yeah. We're still wide awake. Thank God for the internet. :D

An hour later, we heard our dogs barking at the sound of a motorcycle in front of our house gate LOL. Yey! McDonald's made it! I never really liked their burgers, but I'd like to commend them for being true to their word na kahit nasaan ka man, kahit anong oras, may McDonalds delivery para sayo hehehehehe. Thank you McDonalds! ^_^

 CheeseBurger Meal and Big Mac Meal both with Coke+Fries upgrade

 Heh..I can't finish it T_T
 I really can't finish it. T_T
 Fries are already soggy. Rider must've lost his way around our area but still... Good job!
 I give up! T_T
 Heheheh...little sis took care of the Big Mac for me... :)
What's left of the 'good' frenchfries :P

So dear Jollibee...please make a 24/7 delivery too? You know how much I love you more than McDonald's right? :P

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