Oooh a Pink Nokia N8!

3:01 AM

Nokia does it again! Finally it's a pink Nokia N8! They announced it on their blog two days ago, no photos of the actual unit has been released yet(just promo pics meh); but the video and the promo pictures are enough to catch this pink-gadget-lover's eye :3 Here's the video btw:

Same phone, different color. This pink baby just comes with a new Symbian Anna pre-installed. Nokia never failed to forget that they have fans who loves anything pink for their mobile phones. Imagine my horror when they released an orange Nokia N8. WTF.

I remember my first pink Nokia phone was a 7390 Powder Pink L'amour edition. I held on to that baby for almost a year until I switched to another pink Nokia phone hahaha. Here are the pictures from The Nokia Blog anyway:

The color reminds me of the old pink Motorolla Razr phone. (I had that one too :D) but it's alright, it looks fab and the striking black bezel looks stylish anyway. :3

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