It's Hot Pink! Lenovo Z470

2:51 AM

IwantthissomuchImgonnadie!!! #QQ T_T #itspiiiinnnkkk Hehe =) I just saw this baby last night at Cyberzone in SM Megamall.

I've seen it up close, the chiclet keyboard is just the same with my current laptop, the bezel of the screen is shinier and the top cover is fashioned with a glossy pattern. For a cheap 38k I could get an i5 lappy with a more awesome video card and greater space to store pictures! I already have a Lenovo Z360 laptop which I use for everything.. see? it's lighter shade of pink too =)

The specs are the basically the same, except for the procie and the video card, greater storage..but the pink devil in me says I should upgrade now and get a pink-ier laptop. :3 I've always loved pink gadgets and this one's such an eye candy and too pink to pass! XD Sooooon baby, sooooonn ^_^


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