Sinangag Express and Teh Zombie Apocalypse

3:36 AM

I never thought I'd get one hungry little Danbo! LOL. I joined the 2nd batch of nightscapers and we ate at Sinangag Express. They had this new branch along Buendia, just across Export Plaza and Caltex in Makati. I remember the first time I tried their tapsilog was at Makati Cinema Square, where its nearest to our old office building. So, I was surprised when this branch served us something different. The tapa is thinly sliced, almost like beef shreds lol, compared to the other Makati Branch. Anyway, with good food and great company, the night was enjoyable. :)

Blownup images of food and happy people eating at the wall ...Am I at McDonalds? LOL.
 The counter. It's too open. I could see the color of the oil they're using at each fry. They also need to free some space for the queue, I was annoyed when someone excused herself for cutting the line when she's making her way to the drinking station.
 Surprise, the place is not air-conditioned! Not for those people who sweat too much. LOL I could Imagine the heat at this place during lunch breaks...and yeah. That's the only big cooling fan they have. Hahahaha!
 Try their Special Iced Tea at your own risk. I didn't like it at all. Tastes like cough syrup. Who the heck thought about that?!
 Here baby, here's your fork. Grab a bite now. Like you can carry that. Hahahahaha!
That's the shredded beef tapsi. It's tasty though. The garlic..rice.. Oh. They placed garlic bits on top..and it's yellow. Ok. Ok. Sounds legit. LOL. Danbo is QQing coz he's hungry. No tapsi for you dear. :3
 Haha so you want the cough syrup iced tea ?
 OMG Danbo's so hungry, he wants the vinegar! o.O

Everyone's talking about the end of the world thing..what about it? I find it really surreal but why stress yourself over such things? Life's too short to be complicated. There are more important things in life than getting involved at some crazy prank like that. NO WAY. My world will never end just because you guys say so. LOL..


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