My New Haul

9:47 AM

Hachi and Wall-E (I can't think of any name yet -_-) looking cute together =)

I just got my Revoltech : Pixar Figure Collection No.002 WALL-E figure last Sunday and I'm so happy with it I can't wait to take it home and unboxed it right away while having dinner at Kenny Rogers lol. I got it from Trolls 'R Us Hobby Shop for Php1,500 and he comes with cute little accessories like plant in a boot, fire extinguisher and that trash box-thing lol. I once thought it's too big for my other toys but no, he's even smaller than Hachi here ^_^ He just fits perfectly for my other figs!

Imma take photoshoots of Wall-E soon together with the gang hehe =)

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