Nendoroid Makeovers!

5:18 AM

The girls went out for a makeover today and not all of them are happy with the results! XD

 Azunyan just wanted to let her hair down, but the stylist did a horrible job of cutting her hair and given her full bangs like Lady Gaga.

Kiririn got tired of being blonde, so she asked for a chestnut brown color and BIG celebrity-like waves so she can look more fabulous!

The usual shy and reserved Sawako-chan was brave enough to ask for blonde hair! Sadly, when the stylist was blowing her newly dyed hair to dry...she snapped and thought that she may have made a mistake! o_O

Lastly, the Palmtop Tiger wasn't very pleased at all. All she wanted was to look more cutesy, like a small kitten, so she could get rid of the 'tiger' nickname. Well, she did get cute afterall! With pigtails and cat ears to boot! XD

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  1. The best one is Palmtop Nyan! ;)

  2. hi! regarding your question/comment on the giant toblerone - i'm not sure where in the philippines you can get it. My husbands uncle bought it from Europe i believe. I have one here as well but it's bought here in Canada. Perhaps it can be ordered online and delivered there? :P