My Dream Photoshoot with Momohime

9:07 AM

OMG I could FINALLY shoot Momohime! I've been eyeing this figure for like, 2 years, since I first saw her at Toycon. She's so beautiful, dainty-looking pink ninja, she stood out in the sea of figures that was laid on the table. I knew her name was Momohime because I'm familiar with the game itself. So I took a lot of shots that day but ended up unsatisfied because I still wanted more than a VERY noisy picture.

My first Momohime shot at Toycon 2010. XD

Then last week, a good friend sent me a PM on Facebook and agreed to lend Momohime to me (hence the title 'Borrowed Happiness'. LOL) Imagine my joy when I finally have her on my hands! Ohhh It was such a dream come true! 

I took her at an open field in our area for a sunset shoot. I used my landscape gears like an ND8 filter and a GND filter to capture the sunset's beautiful colors at the same time. 

 This image is my cover photo on Facebook! I love how the colors turned out on this image!

This is just the first part of our photoshoot. I'm still not satisfied at some of the images. I guess I'll anticipate the next sunset again for another photoshoot! =)

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  1. Momo is a lovely figure, she's one of ALTER's masterpieces in my opinion.

    The open field was a great idea for her, it really brings out the theme of the figure.

    IMG_0120_FB.jpg is my fav picture.

  2. Oh wow! Hello Wieselhead! One of my favorite toy photogs visited my blog!
    Yes, indeed! She's the most beautiful 1/8 scale fig I've ever seen!
    Thank you so much for your kind words!

  3. The warm tone is very nostalgic and fits her nicely. Beautiful shots. Well done :)

  4. Thank you Duy! Yes, those colors complement the scene perfectly! I really like how it turned out! :)