It's Wall-E Appreciation Day!

8:05 AM

It's been so long since Wall-E had his photoshoot because he sadly met an accident a few months back. :( After what happened, I even thought of just keeping him in his box, but thinking about the availability of this figure nowadays (getting a Revoltech Wall-E is so expensive nowadays), I decided to just give him some minor repair and voila! My Wall-E is alive! ^_^

If you love Wall-E, I'm sure you're gonna enjoy this photoset!

Though Wall-E has few hand articulations, but he's still looking good as ever!

 Don't worry, buddy... I got your back. :)

His arms can still be rotated so he can hold things. this solar power charger here!

 Danboard: Ooohhh... Watermelon!

 Say cheese!

 Hello there, Hal!

 Catch me, if you can!

 Wall-E: What did you do to me, Danboard??? What are these things??
Danboard: Chill. Have a coffee!

 Give it back, you evil Minion!

 A wild kitty appeared!

 From sunsets... a lovely blue sky~!

I hope you liked my Wall-E photos! Now that I noticed it, it's been a while since I had my last blog post. I'm sooo sorry! The other world has kept me occupied with a lot of things like work and travel, so I really missed taking photos of my beloved toys. ^_^

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  1. Great photo set, I really love the sunset shot! You were able to get quite a lot of expression from a robot and two cardboard suits lol!

  2. So Wall-E was still in state to be fixed, that's good to hear-

    He seems to be very photogenic, I like his design with the cube body and chains, the little weathered coloring is also nice.

    I like the feel of your pictures, 4,8,13,15. The sunset is great.

  3. @Tian
    Thanks! I'm happy you liked the sunset shot! We really anticipated for a great sunset that afternoon and we're glad it turned out great! :)

    Thank you! I'm happy how Wall-E turned out okay though he has fewer articulations now. He still looks expressive and adorable! :)