Nendoroid Christmas

9:18 PM

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!"

That song has been stuck on my head for days and maybe it was telling me to do a Christmas photoshoot with my toys. XD I made a mini Christmas tree by taking a branch of our Christmas tree (sorry mom..) then I wrapped up the lights around it. I figured that if I placed too many trinkets on the tree, they wouldn't be too visible in the photo, so I only had a little Christmas tree of lights. It's very pretty actually. :3 

Christmas is near, have you wrapped your presents already?

Christmas is a time of giving, I wonder what's inside those boxes... XD

Sawako is beaming with joy!

Hello Kiririn! :)

Kiririn arranges the gifts under their Christmas Tree.

Taiga got you a present! :) does Tim! I wonder what that is!

I hope you enjoyed this photoset! I love everything about Christmas and it's the most joyous time of the year, it's my 2nd favorite (next to summer XD) and I already got a handful of presents to wrap for my friends, family and some godchildren LOL. I think I might need some minions to help me wrap them all up! :)

Love, Pinkcheeks

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