Little Nendoroid Drummer Girls

5:34 AM

Oh look how cute they are! They look so adorable! ^__^

I found these little drums on our old box of christmas decorations and since they are scaled perfectly with my Nendoroids, I decided to do a quick photoshoot under our Christmas tree.

I bet you'd hum the Little Drummer Boy song while looking at this photoset. XD

Kiririn looking cute as ever!

Sawako is ready to play a song! Here she is, convincing my cat, Khaleesi to listen! XD

Would you like me to play something for you?

Khaleesi: *stares*
Sawako: Say yes, please?

Khaleesi: *meows*
Sawako: I'd take that as a yes, then! :D *starts drumming*

Come, they told me.. Para-pa-pam-pam!

Surprise! Sackboy got a present for you, Taiga!

To all those who are wondering why do you always see Taiga, Kirino and Sawako on my blog, well, to simply put it...they're my only Nendoroids. I am a poor collector who likes to take photographs of these cute figures but I don't have much okane to build an army of Nendoroids unlike others have. T,T I'd like to have a Miku Nendoroid..well.. just at least one. XD I'd be super duper happy! 

However, on a lighter side, if I do have a massive Nendoroid collection.... I'd get crazy who to pick for a photoshoot! XD Knowing how much I like to take pictures of toys, playing favorites is really the hardest part! Anyway, I hope you liked this set and see you on my next holiday themed post! ;)

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  1. Totally love the pics with the cats. How'd you make Khaleesi just sit through that with all the lights on?

  2. @Aeduque
    Hello there! She just sat there on her own! I pushed her to the side but she kept on coming back to the spot where I'm having the shot, lights and all.. so I guess she must've loved the lights! XD

  3. Taiga drumming looks adorable! Great job with these, especially with the lights :D

  4. @Tian
    Thanks! She looked really happy! ^_^