Why I Love Toy Photography

12:42 AM

"Why do you love toys so much?"

Just answering that question makes my right eyebrow raise for the lack of indefinite subject that question has. It's indefinite because I wouldn't know if I'm going to answer on the collecting part or on the photography thing which I usually do. 

I'm sure all toy lovers/collectors/enthusiasts would agree with me that they've heard that question so many times that they already had a pre-made answer to their brains to snap back to that clueless someone. To name a few, well, they're your parents who even include the age talk to back up that question; then there's your non-collector friends who just stare at you like you're some kid stuck in your past; then maybe your BF/GF who even gets jealous of your precious toys and demands the unknown just to take you away from them (oh the horror!). 

Those are just a few people who would dare to ask the above question, I'm sure you have others. As for me, I give them answers and I never expect them to understand me, which I'm sure they never will, but what do I care since I'm happy with my hobby. "Non me ne frega" an Italian phrase I use to say when someone's nose is up on my business again. (I've been studying Italian for quite some time now ^^,)

Here's my reasons why I couldn't get enough of this wonderful hobby life (I coined that from GSC XD)

1. It takes me my own special world.
I've taken photos on different fields like portraiture, landscape, events  photography, but there's something so different when it comes to taking photos of toys. There's this kind of immersion between you and the subject and it's like you're on another world together with them.

I felt I was fighting ninjas along with Momohime as she sweeps and clears the fields.

Saber took me chasing cars on the street during our night photography session.

I lazed in the sun together with the Mayoi and the Minions at the beach.

2. They became alive in pictures
I have discussed this before that toy photography is an art of bringing toys to life. If landscape photography lets you capture the dynamism of a picturesque view, toy photography makes you bring the life out of a toy's stillness. For me it takes skill and I've seen a lot of awesome toy photographers who have taken this skill to a whole new level. Here's my example and some others from those awesome toy photographers that I admire.

Ryougi Shiki here just finished her last kill for the day...but that stare makes you want to think she's ready for more. My most gruesome photo to date.

I really admire Eyeland's technique in fusing landscape and toy photography skills to make this epic picture.

A favorite from Kixkillradio, Kirino looks like she's inviting you to hang around with her in this cozy model of her room.

Just a recent favorite from Klon, whom I saw at MFC, the impressive post processing in this image made Saber look so life-like.

3. It makes me happy
Yes. The bottom line of this all. It makes me really happy, combined with the reasons I mentioned above. I don't care if I looked like a kid stuck with my toys, or an idiot crouching on the street or wherever, just to take a good angle of a photo. The joy of seeing the output is what I'm after. Toy photography opens me up to become young again, the part where I see the magic and boundless creativity within my imaginative mind. 

How about you, what are your reasons? :D

Love, Pinkcheeks~

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  2. Photography for me is a big part of it, like you said about building worlds and creating memorable images. It's one area where I always want to challenge myself and shooting figures is a lot easier than working around the schedules of real people :)

    I also just collect impulsively. Figures are great because they're tangible recreations of some of my favorite anime and game characters. Just having them on DVD or a desktop background isn't enough!