Mountain Climbing with Mayoi

10:12 PM

To the readers of my blog, I'm sure you'd all notice by now that I always take Mayoi with me. She's a great travel buddy and looks like a traveler too like myself, with that pink back pack and all, She's always ready to go places! 

Last weekend, we went camping at Mt. Batulao in Nasugbu, Batangas and the view on top was breathtaking! Nature tripping feels like therapy for me, and as I have mentioned previously, that's where I belong when I do toy photography! ^_^

See that? I went up and down those ridges!

Mayoi seemed to enjoy trekking too, here she is walking around the grassy trail with her pretty umbrella.

Hiking is a very tiring activity, but she doesn't mind, she still looks cute!

Mayoi enjoys the scenic view on top of Mt. Batulao.

I hope you enjoyed this set! Oh and thank you Good Smile Company for sharing my photo! I super appreciate it! 

I really encourage you to travel with your toys! Go out and have some fun! ^_^ 

Love, Pinkcheeks~

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  1. What a beautiful view! Lovely photos, Mayoi seems to fit really well outdoors with her umbrella. Love the shots of her in the branches.

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog! Yes, that part was actually the hardest, because if you would notice that branch was broken so I had to be careful while perching her up there so I'm that that one shot came out really good. :D