Mister Kabab at Last

5:25 AM

I finally made it to eat at Mister Kabab! :) I've been craving for it for weeks now and I'm so glad I went to my club's last meetup in UP Grounds, QC where we had our outdoor shoot first then dinner later. =) The signs I found at Google lately were totally irrelevant to what I saw when I arrived there.

Damn those wires!

The place was very spacious, it has enough seats to accommodate a large group, they just had to pull tables around and put them together. It also quite dark inside, and hot too, no airconditioning, it reminds me of Sinangag Express at Makati, except that ceiling fans are the only ventilation here. Entering the place makes me feel like I entered a candle-lit house, it's like defince coziness-overload. It took me a while to get used to their lighting LOL.

Here's their country-famous menu. The prices are really inexpensive, I ordered Special Beef Chello, Beef Shawarma and a sweet blend of Yogurt Shake. All for less than Php250.00 :)

I love their Yogurt shake! It's a sweet blend of your usual sour yogurt with some milky-ish after taste. It's not too sweet too! :)

Oh yeah, it's the first time I saw a really big Danbo that's as tall as a glass of Yogurt shake haha! This belongs to my friend who's also into collecting figs like me..LOL I borrowed teh big Danbo for a while for a photoop.

"Quit staring!" says the Yogurt shake.

This is the Special Beef Chello meal. They serve the rice with butter on top so it melts as you mix it in. Since I don't eat veggies, I ignored the charcoal-ed tomatoes at the side. LOL. 

Ah Mister Kabab's Shawarma. A special treat on the go! I like the generous servings of beef, tomatoes and some cucumbers and onion. 

Now this Beef Chello has a little story that I failed to notice at first bite. LOL. The strip of beef at the left was more tender than the right. I only noticed it after chewing it halfway hahaha. I wonder what's the reasoning behind that hehe. I like their tender, juicy beef but I hate their 'garlic' sauce. Food Channel's garlic sauce tastes even better. It does not even taste anything garlic at all. It's like a sauce made of vinegar and mayonnaise, the sourness of the vinegar lingers in your mouth at each bite.

If I had to commute from our place to Mister Kabab, the place is too far for me... I don't even know the place too well to take a cab (I'm afraid of taking cabs alone, unless I'm going to work lol), so I guess I'll come back here with my friends who has a car to take us there LOL. Or, yeah with my family too.. I'll have to convince my dad to drive or teach me how to drive, to get there hehe :)

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