One Light

8:20 PM

I was so happy with what I bought the other day, a Prolite DS150 professional studio flash. I got it at D'24k in Hidalgo, Quaipo (yes, I can go there by myself now lol) and I'm gonna use it for business purposes of course, but I had to test it first hahaha! It comes with a 9ft steel stand, a 40x60 softbox and hot shoe. At first, I had a hard time looking for the right settings to make the light appear flattering on the skin, but the greatest thing about having a camera club is that they're always to the rescue at every question you have about your photo's flaws hehe. After adjusting the aperture and the flash power itself, yey! I got my first studio-like photo right at my home :D I'm planning to get a reflector soon, I just used a ghetto reflector (read: my dad's old car sunshade) but it still works like a charm :3 It's still visible on the eyes right? :)

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