Daddy Love

1:20 AM

Yesterday was the last day I'll see my dad this year, he'll return to work and be back again on April. Good thing he'll be here before my does on May, I think they haven't seen each other for like, two years. Then I could finally set up a good family portrait for all of us. We will miss you Papa, take care!

While waiting for this flight, my camwhore sister asked me to take pictures of her, specifically asking for the city lights setting like this pic. Pretty pretty bokeh :)

SADLY, I didn't get the same outcome because her shitty hands are too shaky so ALL of my pictures are like this. BTW, that's the Battlefield 3 shirt I got from Datablitz. I ran out of sizes coz I only took my copy two days after the release. However, I still look good anyway. :P

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