First Photobooth Gig

1:10 PM

I'm so happy and thank God my sis and I were able to pull out our first ever photobooth event. Thanks to Bam and his family for being so nice, I hope they'd get me again next year LOL. A lot has happened and I'll make sure I'm gonna do better on my next client! =)

I just had issues with Multiply's AutoUploader feature. It's so laggy and it keeps uploading unnecessary pictures even if I turn it off, so I deleted the crappy app on my system immediately. Then, I made a Flickr account...but checking image limit per month is only up to 300mb. Assuming I had a lot of gigs next month...then 300mb won't be enough (wahahahahaha) so I thought of Facebook.

It was meant to upload individual shots but to my horror Facebook only accepts 200 photos in one go, I just had 350+ images on me right now and I'm too lazy to repeat the process soooo...I'm back to Multiply's ancient uploader which ONLY works in Firefox. Screw you Chrome. >_<

I hope I could get more clients soon! =)

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