Going Places

3:29 AM

I like it that I'm going places lately, all thanks to my wonderful camera club who likes going out a lot and or just thought of a sudden trip out of the blue LOL. I've always been a homebody and I know I'll never make it on my own; only planned trips (like our Bohol trip) can make me go out of the house and enjoy the outdoors!

I've seen the hot air balloon up close at the 17th Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clarkfield, Pampanga. The weather sucks, it's so cloudy, but thankfully it didn't rain. 

We got VIP Passes! :D

We also met the multi-awarded artist, Mr. Mario Parial there! We took the chance to take a picture with the master himself and his epic Hasselblad camera as a souvenir. XD

I also got interested in landscape photography so on my first try, we went to Caliraya to take a sunrise and a sunset shoot, but sadly, the weather's a bitch that day. 

That's my best shot for that day, a gloomy picture of a lone building at the center of the lake. I once thought that's a lighthouse LOL.

Then, just yesterday, we went to Payong Point, Nasugbu Batangas. I'd never thought I'd be up for rock climbing that day! But the long trip to the best spot was worth it..the view was breathtaking! 

I enjoy watching this sight at our backyard but it's a totally different view at that place. There's my danboard also enjoying the dramatic view of the sunset. =)

I hope we'll have more roadtrips soon!

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