Kirino and Sawako's Beach Getaway

5:24 AM

It was such a beautiful Sunday and Kiririn and Sawako went to the Aniao Beach to take a dip in the sea!  

Moeee~ The water is soooo cool and refreshing! :3

Don't go too far Kirino! You might drown!
You're such a baby, Sawako-chan! Come down here and let's swim!

Hey I can see fishes under that coral there!
I told you so you're gonna enjoy it here ^_^

*Kiririn humming while having a tan (just for her face LOL)* ~la la la la la
Is that ok?! Isn't the sand dirty?
You're being such a baby again, Sawako chan! Go ask Tenori Tiger and Maru-chan to dig you a hole!

*Tenori and Maru-chan digs a hole for Sawako*

The sand is so warm...
Yeah, it's great for your skin too! XD

After a refreshing time swimming and having a face tan, the two enjoyed watching a beautiful sunrise!

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