8:01 AM

"You are SO overrated!....DIE!" Taiga says as she puts an end to Hachi's life. the corner of her eye, she noticed that she's not alone. 

"What the hell are you looking at? What did you see?!"

Sawako was trembling with fear as she saw the rage in Taiga's eyes. 
"...nothing, I just passed by to get cookies"

"Cookies, eh? Go get them somewhere else, I'm busy here!"

She turned away with fear, trying to erase that grim memory off her mind.

"If you tell anyone what you saw, I swear, PEDRO MARTINEZ will be next!"

Walking slowly with a heavy heart and fear for her beloved dog, she swore silence to the Palmtop Tiger. But one thought will keep haunting her forever...

" I an accomplice to Taiga's actions now?"

PS. Hey chill! Everything here is just for fun and fiction's not the first time I killed Hachi here in my blog hahahaha! =)

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