Kotobukiya DC Comics Batwoman Bishoujo

8:45 AM

It took me by surprise. I posted my Supergirl photos at Kotobukiya's fanpage and then the next thing I know, I was taking photos for one of their newest scale figures. This next figure was sent to me for figure photography by Kotobukiya US and I couldn't be more happy  at the feedback I saw when my photos were posted on their official page. It makes my happy little heart a little happier XD

Here she is in full dark glory, Batwoman is the newest addition to Kotobukiya's growing Bishoujo lineup, which I am eagerly awaiting one character to add on the Marvel series, Morrigan Aensland and I think I'd die from excitement if it finally happens OMG! Now, Batwoman's pre-orders are still open and it seems everyone wants to get their hands on this lovely figure.

The sculpt is top notch, from her tight body suit, her billowing cape and her gorgeous hair, which seemed like it's floating against the wind at all angles, this is simply my most favorite part of this statue.

Batwoman has a simple base which has her logo and unlike Bishoujo Chunli, her feet is screwed underneath. I was used to holding figures on their bodies so I was surprised when I held Batwoman by her chest and noticed something loose, so then I realized that they had fixed her feet.

Going back to my favorite part, the shading of each part of her hair looks so awesome to look at and it was carefully retouched with different gradients of crimson that made it look so dynamic, just like she stepped out of a shampoo commercial lol.

Apart for the gorgeous masked face, she comes with an unmasked alternate head which channels the real persona of Batwoman, Kate Kane. To tell you honestly, I like the unmasked version more, because it kinda looks like my old haircut two years ago. :D

Following Master Shunya Yamashita-san's artwork, her stunning face will always be a trademark of Bishoujo statues. She looks so good in close profiles, her eyes look so sultry and inviting.

I don't usually do shots like this, but what the heck, it's for fan service. Just stare at this asstastic shot.

I took her outside for some sun and she looked more gorgeous in ambient light. You could really see her detailed eyes and that ahoge is so Bishoujo-ish :D

If I get my display case ready I'm going to display her without her mask. She looks so sultry and you can never miss that pouty lips of hers. Whether you're a fan of all things Batman-related or figures that gives so much sass, then Batwoman is definitely for you!

Thank you Kotobukiya for the figure sample! :)


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