Feeling Crafty Series: Heichou's Kitchen

7:50 AM

I should call this the #feelingcrafty series. XD I've started making stuff for my toys lately and I've already posted shots on my page of the bedroom series, but I'm more fascinated with my work here for my babies' kitchen!

Today's set is all about Heichou's day off. We all know how hardworking our beloved Heichou is, like killing titans and commanding his squad for the wall's defense, he still showed us how truly domesticated he is and it's greatly portrayed by his Nendoroid which is one of my favorites XD. 
He's quite something, I tell you...He's very handy around the house!

He washes the dishes.

He cleans the cupboards.

He loves to sweep the flo......"WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?! I'M BUSY!!!"

Hai, hai~ Oh, that cute tsun-tsun face! He's such a hasubando material, don't you think? XD 

But ta-da~ Here's what Heichou made for breakfast~

I made the entire kitchen set (cupboard, counter, condiments and food) using foamboard and polymer clay, except for the tea set, chairs and table. XD  Looking at this makes me want to sit down and eat that sandwich!


Mayoi-chan can't help but eat the delicious breakfast that Heichou prepared!

HACHIKUJI! Don't play with your food!!! 
...And don't be so messy I still have other guests coming for breakfast!!!

True enough, the Hatsune sisters came in, just in time for coffee! 

They look so adorable together!

Oh, look! Guts came along too! I think he wants some croquettes for breakfast!

Heichou, we need more coffee!
WHAT?! I just finished brewing! How many cups of coffee can you girls take?!

After all that hard work and a bit of a grumpiness aside, he's still our favorite Heichou as always! Just look at that adorable face, it makes me want to kiss him and pinch those cheeks! Oh, he must finish cleaning up the dishes first!

Next on my #feelingcrafty series will be the bedroom set! It's quite hard to make actually because I wanted to be consistent with the lighting that I used, which I know you've already seen as I've posted them on my fanpage already! 

See you on my next blog post!


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  1. OMG! all stuff looking adorable! Maybe I'll try to make some food using paperclay.Thank's for interesting idea!

  2. You did an awesome job making the kitchen! It must have been a lot of work O_O
    Looks like the girls are keeping Heichou busy!

  3. Levi keeps a clean kitchen! But why does Hachikuji need food? She's a ghost...

  4. This set of photos is too cute! XD I want my own domestic!heichou haha~ ♥

    And you made the table set? Wow, it looks amazing! Are the other props made by you as well? You're very skilled! *___*

  5. Where did you find the little table and chairs set?