Nendoroid Hanami Days

12:00 AM

Oh, what would I give to see those lovely cherry blossoms in person? Hanami season is already coming to an end, and while I cannot go to Japan this time to see them, I just satisfied myself by remaking my handmade cherry blossoms and doing a Hanami inspired figure photography!

My nendoroids are celebrating Hanami season and everyone loves seeing cherry blossoms! It seems that seeing those lovely petals fall one by one gives that calm and peaceful vibe and it seeing it in person has been my ultimate dream!

Can you guess all that Hanami inspired picnic foodies? :D

So here I used some of the cherry blossom trees I used for Sakura-chan's photoshoot. My cat ruined the rest of the tree branches (she bit them all T_T) so I have to remake them all over again! Now my trees are done, I took them out so my nendoroids can enjoy Hanami season!

Mayoi chan loves Hanami season!

The Hatsune Sisters are enjoying having a picnic under the cherry blossom trees.

Oh, wait... Someone decided to come and join them!

Yayy!! It's Yukata Miku nee-san~

It's such a fun treat seeing all your Miku nendoroids together! I can't wait for their other sister to come! She belongs so well in this season! XD

Ryuko-chan loves having onigiri

Satsuki: "What?! We ran out of tea?"
Ryuko: "Just drink sake, Satsuki-chan."

Mako: "Did I hear someone say sake? Kampaiii!!!"

No croquettes for you Guts, but try this Sakura Mochi for a change!

Guts is feeling hungry seeing all that picnic food!

Cherry blossom watching is so much fun, look at how happy Mako-chan is!

..and look who came out of the sea just to see cherry blossoms!

Sakura-chan enjoys Hanami season too. *sigh* If only I could join her! 

I had fun creating this special photoshoot for Hanami season, it makes me want to be tiny and join my nendoroids as they celebrate one of the most important seasons in Japan! I do have plans to go there and fulfill my dream, I'll make sure that I'll time my stay during Hanami season so it's gonna be one really lovely trip for me!

Hope you all enjoy this set and may we all dream of seeing cherry blossoms someday!

Love, Pinkcheeks

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  1. Aww that put a big smile on my face, so many pretty scenes (*´▽`*).
    Hanami is the best, always feel a little yealous, it's definetely a highlight ;D

    Mh can't you plant a cherry tree somewhere? maybe bonsai ^^

    In our garden we have two decorative cherry trees, I recently bought a third one ^^
    They will blossom in the next week. I have yet to convince my parents to put them everwhere XD

    The Miku sisters, huh? They all look different so it's an interesting combo.
    The Sayaka chan and Kyoko chan bodies are excellent for picnic scenes, also native Miku can sit in a appealing fashion.

    great post, the grass also looks so real

    1. I'm glad you like the set, love! The grass I intend to grow outside the house didn't grow as I expected so I have to use these cheap patch of fake grass I bought at the department store. Though it took me awhile to create sakura trees again (remember, my cat bit everything lol) I'm glad I'm able to finish before Hanami season ends hahaha.

      OMG you have real cherry trees in your home? I'm so jealous! I'd die to have at least one in my place! What does your decorative trees look like? I'm kinda curious! XD

      I'm getting the Sakura Miku soon, so I'll get an additional sister for the bunch!

    2. I love all of this!!! Me sho jelly... I actually really like the fake grass, I want some, it looks really nice, my dad is a photographer and I am really happy making arts and crafts so he said he'll take the photos if I make the set! I am inspired and I hope maybe one day I could make something half as beautiful as what you made. *^*

  2. I really love your works. The nendos really look alive. And your set is always awesome. :)

    1. Thanks for your kind words, love! I'm glad you love my works! ^_^

  3. It's so refreshing to see spring colors! Definitely love the cherry blossoms everywhere. I really enjoyed the all-Miku picnic too. Not sure why but I think the concept is really funny XD

  4. This picture set is so adorable!! I'm in love with the scenes you've created, it's so realistic and vibrant. I love the one with Mako and Guts, It must have taken a while to make all the cherry blossom trees ^^; Awesome job!