First Look: One Piece P.O.P Sailing Again Limited Edition - Trafalgar Law Ver. 2.5

11:03 PM

I kinda liked him by accident. I barely even know who he is. It all began when a friend posted this figure as one of upcoming figures by Megahouse and it was love at first sight. With just one figure, I began watching One Piece. All 600+ episodes of them. That's not all, I just started reading the manga since the current arc is already getting too intense! The next anime episode is quite a long wait for the impatient me so I started spoiling myself by reading up to the last chapter!

So that's how my love for this figure began. Making me watch an entire series that spanned 15 years in just five months is quite something for me who never really liked One Piece from the start. Thanks to Trafalgar Law, I'm hooked! So hooked, I'm obsessing over him now! 

Here's POP Trafalgar Law Ver. 2.5, that one scale figure I've been waiting for so long! The fangirl in me is crying like Bartolomeo seeing Luffy for the first time when I got him in the mail. God bless Megahouse for releasing this scorching hot version of him. 

Dear Megahouse, Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

It was an instant photoshoot, straight out of the box! He's my first male scale figure and a really sexy one too, so for his test shots, he's on one light setup for this set. I was thinking of mono portraits in one light and I wanted to achieve that high contrast for him, making him look so manly and handsome on every angle. 

Oh, Traffy...please make room for me! God, I couldn't contain myself during this shoot and he's like, staring at me with those eyes like he wants to make love to me AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH *fangirl scream*  I made changes to my watermark just for this shoot, coz he's that special you know. XD

Anyway, now you know how much I love him, I claim myself as his little wife and I am SO relieved that he's doing okay now. (NO SPOILERS) So, I'm gonna take him to the beach soon, he deserves a photoshoot by the sea and I'm gonna give it to him! XD 

See you on my next post!


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  1. Oh gad yummy photos.. I mean sexy photos! I love them all it makes him look so mysterious that makes you wanna know more about him privately- I mean personally lol wew

    Law is a great character in One Piece. He had a dark past (well most of them anyways) however he still grew to be an awesome pirate and a captain (well for me!) And besides he's a doctor *cough* I'm sick" *cough*

    Great Job as always ^_^

  2. "With just one figure, I began watching One Piece. All 600+ episodes of them"
    FAINT! I only watched the movies, it's definetely great, but 600 episodes, for real ( ⚆ _ ⚆ )

    Good that you like him that much, I admit he looks quite manly and cool ( ̄▽+ ̄*)
    Many male figures often still look a little feminine, in that regard, the edgy design on Trafalgar Law is great.

    Haha male figure collectors and female figure are not all that different,
    we admire nicely sculpted figures with attractive bodyies and faces.

    "like he wants to make love to me" beware of the figure ((o(*゚▽゚*)o))
    The last textblock made me chuckle, I guess I will adapt that honest reaction in my next review XD

  3. I love your work, and I would like to know what kind of equipment used! I fell in love pictures