Hatsune Sisters: Yukata Afternoon

3:14 AM

It was quite refreshing to see the Hatsune Sisters in Yukatas! I borrowed these Yukatas from my friends during our last photowalk together and they sure look good on Miku-chan! Can you recognize which bodies of the other two? 

We used those tiny cocktail umbrellas as accessories, they look so cute together! 

This is my favorite Miku in the batch, her colors look so refreshing, I'm easily attracted to soft pastel hues and her colors look so good she stands out from the rest of the bunch! I am loving her mint-colored hair!

"Nee, Onee-san, can I have a candy apple?"

"Nee, Onee-san, can I borrow your umbrella?"

I forgot to bring Halloween Miku and Snow Miku 2013 to add to this bunch of cuties! Now I wish I could wear something like this too for summer, I wonder how would I look like then... LOL.

See you all on my next post!


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  1. They are all supercute, being dressed like this, really pretty pictures (。≖ˇ∀ˇ≖。)
    Actually surprising that there were already quite a number of Yukata related Nendoroids.

    Spring Miku is also a favorite of mine, ... but quite a handful of a little sister (*´◡`​*)

    1. I wish GSC would release another set of Dress up series but Yukata-wearing Nendoroids lol. I'd love to have at least just two hehe :)

  2. More Miku sisters! These photos have a bit of that vintage/nostalgic look to them... I think the top few would look great printed on Polaroids and decorating someone's wall.

    1. Oh wow that's a neat idea hahaha! Thanks Tian! :)