Nendoroid Sakura Miku: Pink Summer Days

4:38 PM

It's summer here in our country and the heat is barely tolerable (if you stay outside too much), there was this one time when I bought ice cream from the grocery store just a block away from our office, when I returned, the ice cream already melted! T_T So much for trying to keep myself cool in this summer heat!

Anyway, I just got my newest Nendoroid the other day and I couldn't help but shoot right away because I got too excited already lol (as always). I missed the first release of Nendoroid Sakura Miku, so I'm happy I was able to get the 500th Nendoroid, which is kinda special because this one is made in Japan! :D I'm pretty sure everyone will treasure this piece, it's overwhelming actually because GSC has made up to 500 Nendoroids already! Good job guys!

For her first photoshoot, it's a poolside special! I also have this pink bikini from the Nendoroid dress up series and it looks perfect on Sakura Miku! She's super cute! I shot this outside as much I wanted to capture that afternoon sun, I tried but then again, the unbearable heat just made me stay for like, an hour while doing the shoot hahahaha :D

Ahh, Miku-chan, can I have some ice cream?

I also made a mini floatie for Miku-chan in case she wants to take a dip! :D

KAWAII~ This is my favorite FP for this Nendoroid! It's so cute I can't even....

Thanks for the watermelon, Pinkcheeks-san~

Kyaaaa~ I'm super happy I got her! Now I'm thinking of getting 2 more bikinis for my other girls and let them have a pool party! That sounds like fun, right? :D Oh btw, the DIY pool is our soup bowl hahaha! I hope it's not too hot there on your side of the planet! See you on my next post!


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  1. Working on details make your photos really awesome <3 love from Mexico

  2. She's super cute, just make sure your Nendos don't melt in the heat haha

    1. Hahaha yes! XD Miku-chan wouldn't like that too

  3. Your pictuers look so beautiful, the scenery, the dof and this adorable pink Miku (*´▽`*)
    The artificial mini grass is so fitting, is there a brand name printed below?
    Aww the opened mouth face (●´∀`)ノ♡

    wait.. there are optional Nendoroid bikini bodies!?
    I need them for my 1..2..3..4... 5 Nendoroids, I don't do much with them, but that would be fun.

    1. Glad you like the photos love! I bought the grass at the local department store, sadly it doesn't have any brand on it. The nendo bikini bodies are available in many colors! You should definitely get yourself a set if you want a pool party hahaha XD

  4. There are so many releases of Miku that I can't keep up with them, ahah. But wow, this one is super cute! I love those braided twintails with the sakura ornaments~ *^* And that happy face with the slightly open mouth is way, way too cute~ ♥

    Lovely photos! They have a nice summer feeling~ ^^

    1. Thanks love, glad you like my summer-y photo of Miku-chan! Oh I feel you regarding those many releases of Miku-chan, they all look so cute! You should definitely get this one because it's kinda special and yeah, it's the only Miku with braids! XD