Discovering Bohol & Cebu: Day 1

10:30 AM

Ahh that long weekend was so much fun, I'd die to get there again! My mom, sis and I went to Bohol last month, taking advantage of that long weekend (almost 4 days LOL) and had a blast in Bohol and Cebu. Yeah, I wish you were there with me... I invited you a lot of times, didn't I? But, yeah work's more important LOL just don't get too stressed out, you know I will always care for you no matter what happens ^_^

Anyway, we got there at almost 12pm and we were so blessed to have a really sunny weather on the entire duration of our vacation. I brought Teej and the gang with me so I was excited to take pictures everywhere. Our first stop was the man-made forest located in between the towns of Loboc and Bilar, and according to our  tour guide-slash-driver, the people of Bohol planted all those mahogany trees for preservation. It was such a relaxing sight while driving along that road, overshadowed by those trees that felt Twilight-ish because of their height and yeah, they're so many you'd get lost if you went too far away.

Mitmit pretends to be a hitchhicker at the road along Bohol's man-made forest LOL.

Then, we first thought of having lunch at the floating restaurants in Loboc, but the place was so jampacked with tourists so we headed to the Chocolate Hills first. We had lunch at the only restaurant there, just a light lunch coz we know we'll gonna eat a lot at a buffet table later.

Hachi and I just got a cheeseburger =)

It was so freaking hot and the climb up the hill to get the best view was so tiring, we even asked the restaurant crew (where we took our lunch at) to lend us a big umbrella until we get down the hill. However, it was worth it because the view up there was amazing, the hills were of bright yellow in color and they're too many to count LOL.

I never knew I'd get this close to see this wonderful view I thought I could only see in postcards and pictures. :) Our tourguide says the fences weren't supposed to be there, yeah, those bloody fences are so annoying and I find it so hard to take good shot, not to mention the number of tourists who were also at that place. 

Next we visited the Simply Butterflies Conservation Center and I enjoyed listening to our tour guide at that  place who was so funny, my mom called him Bugoy throughout the tour. Well, I learned a lot actually and proved that what I learned when I was young wasn't right LOL. I learned that silk doesn't come from the butterflies' cocoons, but from moths actually hahaha and I was amazed to see different types of pupae, some are really cool to look at, like those gold ones.

I thought that gold pupa was fake until I touched it LOL

The tour guide said that they've placed something sweet on those sponges to attract butterflies. Nice idea though, the butterflies are easy to take photos while they're on this spot.

I was lucky to capture this butterfly's wing in a different color when exposed to the light. They say male butterflies are the most colorful because they use their beauty to attract their mate. =)

Different types of catterpillars. No they're not itchy at all LOL.

If you wish to attract butterflies in your garden, get this flower. I forgot its name but they say they aren't worried about having a butterfly getting lost for a while because this flower keeps them coming back.

Next, we went to the Tarsier Sanctuary. I was excited to get upclose to see a Tarsier but kinda disappointed because most of them were sleeping! Well, they're opening their eyes for a short while then goes back to sleep again so it's hard to take a picture! They're so adorable, I wish I could pet their cute little heads but touching them isn't allowed. T_T I also like how they were sheltered under a small roof made of dried leaves.

Hachi looks at the sleeping Tarsier.

They're smaller than my cellphone and I like how they ignore those nosy people like us who did nothing but go oooh and awww at each stare. The tour guide said that they're quite few lately because of the Tarsier's own fault: the male tarsiers eat their own babies. So the moms had to hide them until their babies are fully grown. 

The oldest Tarsier on the sanctuary was the meanest one ever.

See? LOL.

Our next stop was the Floating Restaurants at the Loboc River. We  were lucky to be included in the last trip for the day and good thing as well coz we were so hungry already. It was an hour-long cruise and aside from the wonderful view of the Loboc river, there was an entertainer on board who sings old school songs much to the delight of the elderly passengers on board. Some of them were even dancing too.

You need to play Php300.00 (for the buffet) and Php100.00 (for the cruise) in order to get in and the price was worth it because the food was delicious! I just hate why they didn't have enough cold beverages for us. 

The buffet table was filled with freshly cooked food, and of course no take outs or left overs lol. We feasted on seafood and fresh fruit and I like their barbeque and friend chicken. 

This was my plate and the other one was my sister's plate. We were so hungry, I remember we had two or three rounds full on our plates LOL. The river looks so peaceful and it's such a joy to get in touch with nature this way and I enjoyed taking pictures around. 

The end of the river was a small waterfall and this is where the boat goes to take us back to the dock. I wish they took us closer to get a better view of the falls hehe.

Our last stop was the historical Baclayon Church. An interesting note I learned from our guide that the cement used in putting the stones in place was made of egg whites. He also said an image of Fr. Pio can be seen at the right side of the church's walls.

It was such a tiring day indeed and after this last trip, we checked in at the El Portal Inn to take a rest for another exciting day ahead for us the next day =)

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