I took The Plunge!

5:46 AM

Yeah, the noisy one on the video was me, taking The Plunge experience in E.A.T Danao at Bohol. I have always been a fan of thrill rides and nothing like this beats the rush of being in a rollercoaster! (Well, I've only tried rollercoasters and have been taking in for like, 5 times until I get tired of it LOL) Oh my, this country needs more extreme rides (or attractions) such as this!

I couldn't believe they dropped me off at 180 meters (that's about 590 ft above ground) I saw on Google it's like falling down the LKG Tower at Makati City hahahahaha! You get to choose if you're gonna drop in a lying position (like the guy on the pic) or in a sitting position (like mine lol).

The place was quite far though, was about an hour and a half drive from the city proper to Danao. The ride costs Php750.00 and we were lucky there was no queue when we got there. The ride was awesome! My legs were shaking before and after the ride but it was worth it! I'd like to try this again someday! =)

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