Sweeter Than Honey: Honmei Choco

12:32 PM

I just saw Lovely Complex again for the nth time and for the love of that series, I'm just gonna share how I enjoyed making my very own Honmei Choco. I was just like Risa in the series, patiently waiting, so hell-bent in doing everything and anything for the love of her life, and she has never let her hopes down until Ootani finally became hers---well, that part didn't happen to me...haha that's life ^_^

Anyway, I made this last Valentines day this year...I've never made anything like this for anyone else so imagine my happiness while doing each step in perfecting the best honmei choco for my love. I mentioned before that he was a gamer, so I thought of sending him an xbox shaped chocolate, following the first idea that I made for his birthday. I guess I was lucky to be employed in a gaming company and I know a lot of friends who's also into games like me, so asking for a mold for the chocolate wasn't that hard. I even thought of buying a cheap xbox controller and break it in half to use it, or buy a silicon/hard case for the controller but lol I figured the plastic casing was enough to mold it.

Tada! This is how I prepared my chocolate lol

Aside from the xbox controller mold, I bought a heart-shaped chocolate mold for little chocolates to spell  out his name (hahahaha I'm that cheesy :P) I bought everything at Baker's Depot in Robinson's Galleria. Here are the ingredients that I bought:

2 blocks of Mayfair semisweet chocolate
1 block of Mayfair colored chocolate (pink of course, it's valentines day :P)
1 piece of heart shaped mold
1 pack of heart-shaped sprinkles
1 small pack of marshmallows
1 small pack of those soft chocolate sticks in assorted flavors (LOL)

There's the xbox mold I'm talking about. An Xbox Manette Controller that my good friend let me borrow overnight. Thank you soooo much. :)

Making the chocolate \was really easy. Since what I bought was a chocolate block, I shredded it so it will be easier to melt when heated. Here's the quick, really easy steps:

1. Put the chocolate in pot, set the heat to low
2. Wait till it melts, stir occasionally to prevent it from sticking
3. Remove from heat

Voila! You now have melted chocolate! Next would be the most fun part, putting the chocolate into the heart molds!

A close up shot of the heart mold that I bought for Php150.00

I was being creative in designing the chocolates hahahaha :)

After preparing the melted chocolate, it's easy to place them into the molds. It only took less than 15 minutes for the chocolate to harden after placing them inside the fridge. Yeah, I had to take them out to make some fancy decors and personalize it a bit. This is the part where I used the sprinkles and the chocolate sticks. 

There's the melted chocolate on the side, which were actually left overs after I'm done with the chocolates, I used them for decorating the choco hearts. 

This was the finished product of the xbox-shaped chocolate hahaha! So pink and cute ;) The silver card also had a surprise on it (yeah, I'm that cheesy *again* T__T)

Despite the mess I've done in our kitchen and the amout of stuff that needs to be cleaned up after, I was so happy with the result of my...craziness. Hahaha I was so inlove at that time I made this! ^_^ Then comes the last part...how to send it to him as a surprise. I thought of sending my gift to his office back then, but I thought it would be better to have it delivered again to his house (just like what I did to the xbox cake lol). Then.... I was soooooo happy, my efforts were paid off after receiving a text message from him saying thanks and that the chocolate I made tasted good. 

Oh those were the days... so much love indeed... ^_^

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