Potato Corner's Carbonara?

10:24 AM

Yeah. Potato Corner now offers pasta. LOL. I was at their Columns branch in Makati, ordering jumbo cheese fries and then I saw this on their menu. For the love of carbonara, I ordered it right away to try it

For some silly reason, I hate fettuccine pasta. It's so heavy and so hard to twirl on the fork so my quick, jologs fix while eating this kind of pasta is slice it into pieces so it will be easier to get with my fork. LOL. Now, I don't know if it was bad timing or not, but the pasta (together with the ham/bacon bits and mushrooms) is too hard to chew. Kinda like it's their last stock for the day, btw, I went there past dinnertime.

I also didn't like the smell of their pasta sauce. Smells like spoiled milk at each bite but milky and cheesy when tasted. I'd say I will lose my appetite for the smell alone but good thing the serving is just too small so there's little to worry about for it's price of Php65.00. I won't go back for another try :P I'd just stick to their french fries.

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