I finally got her!

11:41 AM

Weeee~ I finally got Konata! She's so cute with that moe face and looks so cute with that rubber tube. :3 I only buy figs from series that I'm familiar with, and for the love of Lucky Star, I searched everywhere to get this fig. I was lucky to find her at Rakuten, and with the goodness of the boss at Trolls R Us Hobbyshop, I got my 5th Nendoroid (2nd petit) ^^,

This is what she looks like without her rubber tube. She looks very very cute in her swimming uniform :3

Her rubber tube fits Taiga too. Here they are arguing how the tsundere got it.

"Ummm...that's mine!"
"It's MINE now. Problem?"
So cute :3 Next on my list is... my Sawako Nendoroid and the exclusive Taiga Nendoroid (the one with the smiley face). I guess until GSC makes a Morrigan Aensland Nendoroid....hmmm... =)

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