First Look: Nendoroid Kiryuin Satsuki

3:17 AM

2015 welcomed me in a slightly different way than usual. I was sick the entire New Year's Eve and was only able to celebrate for a few minutes, you know, eat food and take a few family photos before heading back to bed because I was too sick to move. Then the next morning I still wasn't feeling that much better, but I'm tired of lying in bed so I took my camera, arranged my lights and table and went on taking photos of my newest Nendoroid.

Say hello to the almighty Kiryuin Satsuki-sama! She looks so sparkly and ready to transform!

I got her days before New Year's eve and was supposed to do a figure shoot back then but I got busy with work and household chores so I completely forgot to set her up for a shoot. Had I not been sick I could've taken more pictures of her, hehe.

Kill la Kill was one of those few animes I've watched and loved last 2014. I learned it from Mamitan who was raving at it back then, so I got curious and I watched what's the hype about. I was taken completely by the entire series, it's so good! When GSC announced they'll be making figures of the main KLK characters, I was super excited, I made sure I won't miss their pre-order dates!

Fast forward, I already got Nendoroids Ryuko, Mako (which I already took a figure photoshoot here) and here's Satsuki to complete the trio. I'm not really looking forward to see the rest of the characters be made in figures too (like the Honnouji Academy Elite Four), but I feel these three are already enough. :)

Today's setup was just on top of my lap table, rocks and all came from the garden and I just placed two lights beside Satsuki. Since I'm still practicing light setups, I'm happy with what I did here, so royal blue all over, and SO very Satsuki!

I like the gold detail finish on her uniform, those shoulder pads look so shiny too! She looks like royalty! Well, from someone who wields the highest Goku uniform in school, she sure must look sharp and classy, even in Nendoroid form! ;)

A close-up shot. That serious face looks so cute!

Look at that face, head up high and mighty, proudly showing off her 'wedding dress', Junketsu.

*heels clicking* She comes with a tiny stage and you can recreate...

This scene. LOL.

Ohgod I had a hard time replicating that scene where the stands on top of the building and looks down on everyone, light rays and all screaming that infamous speech ending with a snobby " PIGS in human clothing!" line.

That famous line of hers was all over me during the entire shoot. I wanted to make her look fierce, intimidating and proud in my photos!

I also did a few shots of her and Ryuko having a fight, it's quite hard to do a battle scene when it comes to Nendoroids, they look just like squabbling chibi sisters XD

..and if you add two dark bars at the top and bottom of a picture and put some fake subtitle at the bottom, it will look like it's taken from a video XD

Okay, that's just me having fun with my shots. XD

Anyway...after all that pride and fighting, Lady Satsuki is still Ryuko's sister afterall. I took her outside for a nice fresh air and to have a fun picnic with Ryuko and Mako. Now they're teaching her how to ride a bike.

Satsuki: MATOIIIIIII!!!! I swear, if I fell from this you'll gonna pay!
Ryuko: Oh shut up! If you can run a school, then you can run a bike!
Mako: Gambatteeee Satsuki-samaaaa~

Can someone pass the tea please?!

Seriously? Candy? SERIOUSLY?

Mako: Satsuki-sama, don't be so picky about picnic food!
Satsuki: But I don't eat candy!

Ryuko: Go and eat that cookie instead!
Satsuki: Fine, before Mako forces me to eat that horrible croquettes!
Mako: Heyyy my croquettes aren't so bad!

I hope you like this set! Do you also have Lady Satsuki on your collection? You better get her soon or she'll step on you! See you on my next blog post!


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  1. This is amazing!!! I love the shot of Satsuki with the light beams; it's so accurate to KLK XD

    Great set, all your work really paid off!

    1. Thanks Tian! Glad you like this set! I love KLK and I was so bent in achieving that shot, I even watched a few episodes to get some inspiration LOL. It feels like a sin if I do a nendoroid photoshoot of Satsuki without that scene hahaha

  2. I love the lighting effects and the backgrounds you chose!

    1. Thanks! It took me a while to get those lights right! :D

  3. Satsuki-sama!! Glad you finally got her, she's so adorable! I love the pic of her on the scooter, she looks so silly

    1. Yes indeed! It's a must to get the trio! *Ryuko-Mako-Satsuki* ^_^

  4. The most fearsome Nendoroid to date, Satsuki sama!
    She looks very cool, didn't knew about the "step on" leg, awsome ;D
    I love such dark setups for Nendoroids, these high contrast pictures suit them perfectly.
    Well, but you need such fighter types to get something convincing.
    Her hime cut hairstyle is beautiful, still think one happy face would have been neat.

    1. Yeah, at least she should have at least one smiling face because she did warm up to everyone in the end XD
      Glad you like the dark look of this set! :D