Figure Photo Fridays

7:21 AM

I just launched something new in my page last week where fans can send in their figure photos and I get to feature some of them here in my blog. I find this a great initiative for my fellow toy photography enthusiasts to share in their works for everyone to see. :)

Each Friday, I'm gonna ask for photos from everyone and if you also have a figure blog or page, let me know so I can add you to my Figure Blog directory! I really like the toy photography/figure collecting community a lot and since we all have the same love for toys, why not show it to the world by sharing our works? :D

Here's the first submissions for the Figure Photo Fridays! Is your photo here? :D

Andreas Reyan Vallerie

 El Zephon

Jasmine Says

Jose Lira

Lindsey Wilson

Lisa Emonts

Nicholas Yoon Soon Hong

Orchid Dolls

Paula Donley

Radek Pech

Thank you all so much for sharing your lovely work with me! I look forward to seeing more of your creative figure photography! See you on the next Figure Photo Fridays (FPF) post!


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