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That would be the spell my newest Nendoroid will be casting on this new set.
 (thanks to my friend, Bige for the title suggestion XD) I've already posted a teaser photo on my page regarding last year's most coveted Nendoroid. Hey, it's never too late for her photos, that's why I made this one now before I completely keep her until next Christmas.

Okay, just kidding. Today's set is about Snow Miku 2014! I got her from a friend who was selling her for an unbelievably low price (knowing how steep her price is right now, I took the chance and bought her immediately) and thought it was too late for a Christmas photoshoot, so I just made her a Magical Girl this time!

It's all about sparkles! She's casting off some sparkling magic for everyone!

I like her interesting base and what I did with it. I placed her on a glass table and lit up this lamp underneath and ta-da~ the light illuminates her magical base!

Thank you all so much to everyone who shared their suggestions of the best screencast softwares for video tutorials and it seems Camtasia was a great choice! As promised, here is my video tutorial (well, not exactly XD) of how I post processed my Snow Miku photo! Check it out here!

Excuse my tiny blooper there, I'm still new to Camtasia and I'm tooIf this goes well (or whenever I'm feeling super) I'm gonna post more videos on my newly made channel! I just want to reach out to everyone who's been asking since forever on how I post process my photos so I'm sharing my latest workflow to you guys. Again, this is my style, at some parts of the workflow may not work on other figure photos, but feel free to experiment! ;)

If you have comments or suggestions, feel free to put it at the comments box below or send me a message on my Facebook page!



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  1. Oh my god, wonderful set! You must teach me your ways when you come back. Also, do you happen to know how to make tatami mats and those shoji doors? I am planning on making a TR set *u*

    1. Hahahaha sure! Prepare your Photoshop and i have Shoji window tutorial here on my blog too :D