First Look: Figma Snow Miku - Snow Bell Ver.

8:29 PM

I have always been curious about snow. That thing look so pure and it looks like magic when it falls from the sky. I live in a tropical country and it's impossible to have snow here though, so going to a theme park that offers a 'snow experience' is the closest chance for me to almost feel the real thing. I do wish I could travel somewhere and experience walking on show once in my lifetime~Dreambig, Pinkcheeks, dreaaaam biiiggg~

Anyway, today's photos are a continuation of the set I posted the other day! This time, it's another Winter Wonder Festival 2015 exclusive item, Figma Snow Miku Snow Bell Ver.! Just like the Nendoroid, Max Factory has faithfully followed Taran-san's winning design for Snow Miku Snow Bell Version. Though she doesn't have the adorable lily of the valley bells, she still can charm you in so many ways.

                      THE BOX 

The Figma box of Snow Miku doesn't have much difference with the rest, except for that special snow bell print of her logo in front. It looks nice though.

                     FIGURE PHOTOS 

I heard mixed feedback from some people when they saw this Figma when it was first announced. They find the face too shoujo-ish. XD Like, the figure looked like it was staying away from the original Miku Hatsune look. I thought of the same too! Well, to tell you the truth, she really does look too shoujo-ish and you got to love these changes for this year's Snow Miku!

Look at those adorable eyes! She looks like she just stepped out of a manga! o.O

I know her eyes are what captured everyone's attention when it was first previewed. I was lucky I get to have a closer look and hopefully my photos were able to justify how pretty she actually is!

Miku-chan comes with three faceplates, the shoujo-ish face, a winking expression and a really happy expression that's sure to melt everyone's kokoro!

Look at that, she looks so happy playing in the snow~ I removed her cape to expose her shoulders and with the Figma's smooth articulation, you can pose her in a lot of ways for figure photography!

Want an ice cream?

Hello everyone, meet Rabbit Yukine!

I especially like how each detail were put into the figure, like the same water droplets on her skirt and those cherry (or holly?) details on her boots look totally adorable.

Her leaf umbrella looks really cute on her! It doesn't have a raindrop thingie though. XD

Figma Snow Miku Snow Bell Ver is definitely you would want to add on your growing collection of Snow Mikus! I got this figure courtesy of Mamitan and the good guys at Good Smile Company. I was one of those lucky people who get to have her for figure photography, right before she goes on sale this coming Winter Wonfes, which is actually today, February 8th! Be sure to secure your PO right away!

PS. I just have to share this photo of my birthday cat while she lazily laid down on the same spot where I'm doing my photoshoot. T_T


What are you looking at?

 It took me awhile to shoo her away, but it was too late when I realized the powder I used for the snow were on her fur already. Hence the lack of snow on the ground. Lesson learned, keep your pets away while doing a figure photoshoot. XD


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  1. Great review! I wasn't too hyped about the figma but she does have a nice range of accessories. Oh and if you ever want to see snow, come to Chicago. We got lots XD

    1. This year's Snow Miku is still charming in her own way. Oh wow, I'd love to! But Japan is closer, sooo... I'll make a side trip there first hahaha XD

  2. I would rather live in a tropical region, you know it's cold in my area during winter, but snow rarely happens more than once a year ;D
    This Miku figma is great, her natural looking dress in combination with the ultra adorable faces makes her a highlight.
    It's one of my favorite official Miku designs...

    The white powder looks like fun ^^