First Look: Nendoroid Snow Miku - Snow Bell Ver

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Hi everyone! I'm super excited to show you today's figure photoshoot because it's a special one from Good Smile Company and I know everyone is  eagerly waiting to order her (together with the rest!) at the upcoming Winter Wonder Festival 2015 this Saturday, Feb 8th!

It's Nendoroid Snow Miku - Snow Bell Ver!! Just take a closer look how adorable she really is!

Snow Miku gets a makeover every year since 2010 and everyone is eagerly waiting for new design every since. This year came up as a surprise for everyone, including me, for the not-so-traditional Snow Miku look we've seen throughout the years. From a pool of Snow Miku submissions from the website, Piapro, fans choose this design from Taran-san and at first glance, she reminds me of Pocahontas. XD Then again, she was based on this year's theme "Plant Life in Winter". It'all about Snow Bells, and this Nendoroid does have it all over her. :)

                  THE BOX  

I like the box designs of newly released Nendoroids. I think it started with the KLK trio, some photos and details on the box has a glossy finish, it feels so good to touch!

This is the most interesting part of the box, the top part has a cute lily of the valley cutout that you need to flip to open her box. Good job GSC!

                  FIGURE PHOTOS 

I took these photos on our rooftop, using powder for the snow and some moss I found on my mom's fake plants. We don't grow Snow Bells here in our country, luckily, we have lots of flowers growing everywhere (they crawl up to our rooftop!) So I waited till afternoon to start the shoot.

Snow Miku looks really lovely! 

GSC has been consistent in faithfully following every winning Snow Miku design and this year doesn't give any disappointments. To tell you the truth, when they first released the photos of this Nendoroid, I was more concerned at how saturated her hair is, turns out it really is!

It's actually sparkling translucent in color, like a more saturated teal version of Miku Append's hair. When I got her and inspected her upclose, I couldn't complain anymore. :D

The original art by Taran-san has been given life through this lovely Nendoroid. Every detail has been taken care of, from the snowbell twintails, cherry bows (which are also on her cute boots!) and oh, those tiny droplets on her skirt are really tough, as what Kahotan says. It's glued nicely underneath so you wouldn't have to worry having it broken so easily.

Though it looks like those droplets are placed in a peg, it's not moveable.

This is what she looks like from the back. Her poncho is rather big, it covers her entire back. Also those tiny leaves on top of her head are removeable, same with her ahoge. 

Look at this, she looks so pretty in closeup! Those flowery details on her eyes give a nice dainty touch to her face.

She looks like she's singing! Here you could see how translucent the ends of her hair are, of course, you wouldn't want to miss those snowflake details.

Her wooden earpiece is so cute too! Those tiny leaves makes up for a great design!

It's snowing~ Miku-chan looking very much like a Snow Fairy!

Another great change for this year's Snow Miku are the joints on her arms, which allows more movement and pose-ability options. 

Her poncho is removable, I removed it here to reveal her jointed shoulders. You can't see a Nendoroid move her arms as high as this. Though I feel it's kinda loose, but it's still a great change, no more chances of breaking joints. XD

Rabbit Yukine is looking very stylish in a cream vest and a lily bow! The Snow Bell can also fit on Miku's hands. :)

Snow Miku Snow Bell ver comes with three faceplates: a smiling face, the one with her teeth showing that looks like her singing and a rather cute blushing faceplate, which is my favorite! Just look at how cute she is!

I wanna pinch those cheeks!

Her leaf umbrella comes with a small droplet of water which is so small, I had a hard time finding it when it fell on the powdered snow, so be careful :D

The most interesting part of this Nendoroid is definitely the leaf stand!

Everyone was surprised at this nice little addition. I once thought it's only a GSC exclusive freebie, but I was thrilled it comes with the package. There's also this circular base that has a neat snowflake print and snow sculpt around the peg. 

Another big surprise is this!

Real bells!

I had to stop myself from ringing it too much because my birthday cats are kinda attracted to the sound.

See what I mean?

Let's not forget that musical note-like lily of the valley accessory, which compliments Snow Miku's overall look!

Oh btw, with the leaf base, you can either make Snow Miku sit on the base together with Rabbit Yukine..

..or make her stand on it too! 

Just turn the Snow Bells to the other side so you could fully make her stand on her own.

There you have it! Nendoroid Snow Miku Snow Bell ver, exclusively available at Wonfes 2015 Winter! You definitely wouldn't want to miss her! Limited items are available during the event, so make sure you go there early. ;) As for those who aren't able to go to Wonfes, GSC will open their pre-orders on the same day as well! Mark your calendars on Feb 8th!

...and the last option to those who aren't able to get Wonfes exclusive items due to some reasons XD You can join their  Twitter giveaway! I wanna join to get the Nendoroid Calendar! It looks so cute!

Just retweet any tweets of @gsc_mamitan or @gsc_maritan with hashtag #WIN_WF_excl for you to join the giveaway! Check out this link for more information!

I hope you enjoyed this set! I really wish I could use real snow, or better yet, I wanna see real snow and shoot Snow Miku there! I think it would look really nice!

See you on my next post!



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  1. Oh, she can even sit on her plant base, that is just adorable (。⌒∇⌒)。
    Ahh and the bells on these flowers is a lovely idea.

    This Miku is really pretty with her "native" design and the cute details on it.

    1. Yes, that's one thing that really caught my attention when GSC made a preview months ago. I think it's a clever idea to work more on having really neat bases for figures, even for something as small as Nendoroids XD