Figure Photo Fridays: Valentines Day Special

12:27 AM

Hello everyone! How was Valentines Day? I hope your romantic memories from last weekend is still fresh until today! As for me, I got flowers on Valentines Day, and I'm not gonna talk about it HAHAHAHAHA! Anyway, today's a special edition of my bi-weekly feature, Figure Photo Fridays! I'm thankful to everyone who send in their Valentines Day themed figure photos! I didn't have any post for this year, so I'm leaving this to everyone who sent in their photos! Thank you so much and here are your photos! :D

Before Andy and Buzz. There was Jessie and Woody.
by Dyo Soks

- Flower - 

by Jacque Cloud

Magical Valentine
by AwesomeinFigure (

Kuroko has already catched her valentine 
smile emoti Now it's your turn to catch your own valentine :P

by Fejwsi Figure Collection (

Tina wants to give you her scythe.

by Michael John Morrillo

Happy Hearts Day! 
by Ghepot Carton

Here is one of my Valentine themed photos. I love Animal Crossing & Isabelle is always my go to for photos. ^u^
by Brenna Horton (

It's a Sunny Sunday~♫♪
by DelCross Photography (

We have an unbreakable bonds which called love, serving each other like we serve ourself. This is us with our love

by Fangnya77

Love is in the air for these two 🐦Piplups🐦 who are enjoying their quality time with each other on their first date. Lots of food, romantic and beautiful place and a partner to share it with.

by Viince

 I love seeing creative figure photos! Thank you all so much again for joining Figure Photo Fridays! Until next time!


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