Pinkcheeks @ Toycon2013

12:07 PM

We have a national gathering here in our country which we can Toycon or Toy Convention and it's the time of the year where all things geek/otaku/cosplay/photography gather for a weekend full of events.

As for me, well, I belong in the photography part LOL so I went there last Saturday just to take pictures of my favorite figures. I also met Sheng of Kixkillradio! She's as warm as the photographs that she takes. She showed me her goodie bag filled with tiny furnitures and Re-Ment figures. Planning another shoot, dear? ;)

I was a bit disappointed at how the scale figures were displayed. They're on a glass display! The case doesn't have any lighting as well so I lost interest in taking pictures at the bottom part of the display coz it's tends to get too dark when a lot of people wanted to get close to the case.

Anyhoo, here's a few figures that I fancy. I'm such a noob when it comes to naming them. I only knew Himura Kenshin, Godoka, Momohime, Ryougi Shiki. LOL I even had to talk to the guy beside the glass case to ask for the figure's name!

OHMYGODDD I saw the Goddess at Toycon!!! So beautiful! I want her so badddd!

I was completely stunned at Godoka! T,T

I also saw Kneesocks! Sexy as hell! I even  mistook her as Scanty! 

My favorite figure on display! Samurai Katanako! Well, I only knew her name after a few of my helpful friends on Facebook pointed it out to me. LOL. Oh, btw, my idol, Tentacle Armada did a neat review about her, which you might want to check out.

Kudos to Otakai and Team Onii-chan for the awesome display at Toycon! :D I'm so looking forward to the next figure display! Please put it on a table, onegai?

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  1. I know this event ^^

    nice pictures, I imagine it a bit difficult to take them in a very crowded location.

    Remembering all the names is difficult, especially when you don't own the figure.

  2. It's nice meeting you too Scher!
    I was really tired and hungry when you guys arrived, the heat inside the event was killing me.
    Great photos as usual, i'd love to see your outdoor shoots with these figures.

  3. In case you didn't get the other figures' info:

    2nd pic: Alter's Milla Maxwell (Tales of Xillia)

    3rd pic: Kotobukiya's Charlotte Dunois (Infinite Stratos)

    8th pic: Penguin Parade's Kaori Kanzaki (A Certain Magical Index)

    Out of these I have Kneesocks and Kaori Kanzaki. Kneesocks is great, especially her legs. Kaori... well, she just has a silly character design :)

  4. @Wieselhead
    It's a yearly event, maybe you could come and visit next year's Toycon! :D Yeah, I'm bad at remembering names especially when I only just saw it online and got puppy-eyed when seeing it personally hahahaha!

    T,T our weather is terrible lately! It's raining everyday! I've yet to think of a rainy day concept shoot, I haven't seen anyone done that yet.

    Thanks so much for naming them! Yes, Kneesocks looks sooo sexy! Great figure! and that smirk, oh wow! Too bad it's positioned on the back part of the shelf and I can only take a few good shots of her.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, guys! :)