The Minion Bullies

10:55 AM

Domo-kun got banana. Tim and Tom saw him so they cornered him:
Tim: Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-na-na-na-na?
Domo-kun: .........
Tom: Ba-ba-ba! Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na! *giggles histerically*

The minion bullies snatched the banana off Domo-kun, leaving him empty handed!

They ran off like crazy until Domo-kun couldn't chase them anymore. Nasty Minions!

Tim: Bana-nana-na-na-na?
Tom: Uhhh....Potato!

Quick photoshoot I did for these little buggers I got from my 'minions' at the office. It was all part of a crazy joke they had 'coz I'm so fond of calling them that way LOL. They're supposed to the three, but I left the other toy on my desk. I don't know if I'm gonna collect all 9 toys, I don't like how the others looked, like the cyclops minions. Here's the rest, you can buy them at McDonald's Happy Meal:

I'll do another photoshoot soon together with my other toys. Maybe a Taiga vs. The Minions showdown? ;)

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  1. Stealing Domo-kun's bananas? Not cool, minions! They couldn't even let him have one?