Kiririn poses for a #selfie

1:07 PM

Kiririn just created an Instagram account and would like to post her selfies for her fans to see! :)

Kirino: Hey, Domo-kun, can you take my picture?
Domo: Okay.

Kirino: Mind the angle, okay? I heard #selfies are kinda cool lately.

Kirino: I'll add onii-chan and I bet he'll like my selfies!
Domo: ....

Kirino: Alright, a full body selfie! XD

How about you? Do you post your #selfies for everyone to see? :D Kiririn was my first choice in doing this quick photoshoot, she's too girly! I only have a few nendoroids and Kirino was the first nendoroid I bought. 

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  1. heh she would take selfies, wouldn't she? Although there's a lot less nudity than I expected :P

  2. Those selfie poses are crazy. Should try it out myself. Lol. :D