Look Mom, I'm on TV!

3:18 AM

Yes! I was on TV! :) It was on the I-Juander TV show, with episode title "Bakit Nga Ba Mahilig Mag-Picture Si Juan? (Why Does Juan Like To Take Pictures?). I was lucky to be part of the TV segment about toy photography which was aired last April 2013, together with my buddies at Toy Photography Philippines. The segment is all about different types of photography niche that's becoming popular here in our country. 

Thanks to the Toy Photography Official for the video! :D Check this out!

It was Mark of JamStorm who texted me if I wanted to be part of the segment. I immediately said yes right away because it's about toy photography (my hobby, my passion) and...OHMYGODDD I'm gonna see myself on TV! XD On the day of the shoot, we met Ms. Karen of I-Juander in Makati who told us that we're gonna do the photoshoot on two locations, the first was at the Rajah Sulayman Park and the other was at the CCP open grounds.

Don't disturb. Trying to do a selfie.

My Toy Photographer friends and I :D

I also met other toy photographers like Vince and Jeff. They brought these awesome toys like the Avatar mobile tank and this big scale figure of the Makai Knight. He looked too scary, so to break the ice, I bought Sawako's broom with me and replaced his Ankokuzan with it.

Vince also bought his Yotsuba, which I candidly posed with Danboard here. :D

Ms. Karen told us to just do our thing, take pictures of our toys while the cameraman shoots us in action. That's Vince on the background, arranging the toys.

Camera shy! Nah, he's just taking pictures of how I fix Taiga for the camera. :)

Ms. Karen, the cameraman, Vince and I. 

We were preparing the toys here for Mark's interview. They wanted the toys to be aligned in front of him. 

Pinkcheeks in action! I brought a Canon 60D here. It's very helpful for toy photographers like me to use a DSLR with an articulated screen because you do not need to kneel too low to see the viewfinder. You can still shoot toys using any kind of camera according to your preference, anyway. :)

Though I didn't say anything on TV, my pictures will just tell how thrilled I was during the shoot. :) After the taping, Ms. Karen told us to email her our shots. I added two additional images as freebie! Here's the images that were shown on TV. Imagine how happy I was seeing my shots on national TV, LOL I kept saying TV.

I was a great experience meeting new people with the same interest. Thanks to Mark again for the BTS (behind-scenes-shot) I wish we'd do this again, hopefully more members from our toy photography group will participate. More people =  more toys to shoot! Hahahaha! :D After the shoot, we have to wait until next week because that's when they will air the show on TV, so we still have time to tell our friends to anticipate for it. I had fun taking pictures of different figures, though at the end of the day, I still wanted more photos!

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  1. I think I've sent my comment on Contact Me section. Pardon me. Lol.

    Glad you enjoyed the segment as I was thrilled to see our group members featured on TV. Hopefully I can go next time. ^_^

    Awesome shots Scher!

  2. Congrats on your TV appearance! I wish I lived near people who are into toy photography. Surely there must be some, I just don't know any...

    Your shots turned out really well too. You make it look easy.

  3. Oh thats really awesome ^^

    These are really nice pictures
    Im surprised that TV features such niche culture things, I wish they'd put pay attention in my region as well.

  4. Thanks for sharing your awesome pictures. Your figures are so true-to-life and I feel ashamed that my Nendroid buddies spent their life just in a simple IKEA Billy-shelf.
    Agree with Wieselhead, such a shame here in my region ( Switzerland ) no-one put attention in such kind of hobby or niche culture as well...

    Cheers, Dirk

  5. I like your style of writing. You break it down nicely. Very informative post. Keep up the good work.
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