It's voting time at GSC's Summer Photo Contest!

12:18 PM

Hi guys! I joined GSC's Summer Photo Contest and I'd like your support by voting for my entries here. Oh gosh,  this is the first major contest I'm gonna be in. I've seen all photos and it's quite a big competition out there! Lots of awesome photos from all over the world! O_o

Please vote for my lovely entries, they're Goddess Madoka, Ryougi Shiki, Saber + Minions! All you need to do is click the LIKE いいね, Tweet it with the #gscsummerphotocon2013 hashtag and lastly, please click the GOOD button! :)

Here's my entries to the contest (please click on the picture to open my photo entry on a separate window, or click the link below the picture)

The Chase by Pinkcheeks

The Chase

Pink Glory by Pinkcheeks

Pink Glory

Gone Bananas by Pinkcheeks

Gone Bananas

Mysterious Beauty by Pinkcheeks

Mysterious Beauty

Thank you all for your support, and to all of my fellow figure photographers, good luck to us all! ;)

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