Saber x Saber Motored Cuirassier

12:01 AM

Ohh yeah, I did a badass photoshoot of Saber! This is Saber x Saber Motored Cuirassier, a 1/8 Scale figure by Good Smile Company and she's a part of the Borrowed Happiness series. :) Here's the set of Saber's photoshoot and for this, I wanted her to look like a mobster on a chase so shooting her with one/two light setup is so appropriate for the set up.

I'm not a fan of elaborate dios (translate: too lazy to create one) so I used 2 5w lamps and 2 feltboards, pasted it on a wall for her backdrop and voila! Instant darkroom setup for the photoshoot! Hahahaha! The first picture is an odd one out LOL! I used christmas lights to create colors. I've yet to take her to the streets to do a light trails photography, well maybe this week. :)

Whoops! Danbo couldn't keep up with Saber's speed so he fell!

Okay so I'm just gonna do a mini review at how awesome this figure is. I'm so thankful that I had a chance to take a photoshoot of her awesomeness. I'd say Saber has only a few good angles, but her badass Yamaha V-max doesn't. I enjoyed taking photos of her epic motorbike in all angles coz it's so detailed, the parts are so shiny and the paintjob is so flawless!

Saber's Excalibur Avalon Sword is also included. The intricate wording is so detailed and I like how the gold finish of the base is in contrast with the blue details of the sword.

The four exhaust pipes of her Yamaha V-max spells PUNK, mind you. I'm thinking of another shoot with fumes coming out of these monsters hahahahaha jk

To balance Saber, you need to fit her heel on that small peg at the base.

Her bike is quite heavy and I'm too careful in placing her in position coz I'm afraid that I'm gonna break something LOL! I guess after this set, I'll take her out this week where there are real street lights and Saber's gonna be racing with real cars. Oh, light trails, light trails everywhere! :D

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  1. Awesome pictures, I really like it.

    The bike is pretty epic, these exhaust pipes Yeah! Oh right, there is someone sitting on it :D

    The mafia suit of Saber looks really nice with all these wrinkles.

  2. Thanks so much! I'm glad you like it! I was kinda worried that I overexposed some shots a bit so I welcome some critique on my photography, but coming from you, I know I'm doing just fine hahaha!

  3. Looks like Danbo needs to be more careful!

    I'm not usually big on Saber figures but I really like the design of this one. The suit and motorcycle just look so badass. The metallic look of your photos suit them really well. Good job on these!

  4. Great set Scher! I always love your scale figure photos.

    Aw, watch out Danbo, don't fall!