Tutorial: Saber Motocross

8:49 AM

Hello again! I feel like sharing a new tutorial today and it's about my latest work, Saber Motocross, which you've probably seen everywhere already ^_^ and this is just a simple tutorial on how the effect was made. I thought of giving Saber a different look after doing a lot of photoshoots for her lately, I wanted something different so I made this new concept.

I got inspiration from at a motocross event, those daredevils with speed and technique in handling a bike; and since Saber is on a flashy Yamaha V-Max (though not motocross built XD) I thought it looks fine if I tune the outcome for a bit.

Okay moving with the tutorial. Let's start with an image I found online: A simple picture of a daredevil on a bike. The smoke behind him is perfect for the Saber image that I choose. I prepared Saber first by making a copy so I will just impose it on this background.

1. Prepare the 1st layer, the motocross picture. Duplicate it because we're gonna remove the person and just use the background instead.

2. Use the Lasso tool (L) and draw a line around the guy to select it. Then right-click > select FILL > CONTENT AWARE. This is a technique in Photoshop that removes something in a picture. I use it a lot for photobombers LOL. 

3. This is my next output. I cleaned up the area using a Clone Stamp tool to make the edges disappear. See how clean it is? :D

4. I dragged Saber to the background that I just prepared and positioned her just right the rear of her bike touches the end of the smoke. It makes her look like she's drifting, right? :D Notice the order of my layers at the right side.

5. Next, I made a made a new layer for the minimal smoke effect on her tires. I don't want to look like she's floating on sand so here I selected Soft Round Brush (174) in 68% opacity and made minimal touches at the rear. I made sure it's not too obvious to create a more realistic effect.

6. Almost done! I just placed my watermark at the bottom right and merged all layers afterwards. Then I made global adjustments to the image like the brightness, contrast, vibrance, curves etc. for visual appeal.

7. There you have it! My very simple tutorial on how Saber Motocross was done!

Please visit my fanpage for more pictures of Saber, you know how I like to share my love for toy photography all over the world. :D If you have questios, just ask! You may shoot me an email at ilovepinkcheeks at gmail dot com, make a comment here on my blog or visit my Formspring account.

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  1. Great tutorial and picture! :) I always wanted to do something like this but Photoshop eats me. LOL