Throwback Thursday: Toy Photography Edition

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It's October and it's my birth month! I wonder where I'll be celebrating this year? :) So today's #ThrowbackThursday post is super special because I've invited my toy photography friends to join me in sharing our oldest toy photos and we're all going to see how far we've become throughout the years! These photos are taken back as early as 2006 for some and then I compared it to the latest photos now for this #TBT special.

All your favorite toy photographers from Vince454, Wieselhead, Kixkillradio, Allgroassai, Animaster, even GSC's very own Mamitan sent in their pictures! XD I met them through this wonderful hobby and I'm happy to say that we all inspire each other in some way, it's amazing to have a group of friends in the community with the same passion! :) 
I'm super glad I got awesome toy photog buddies!

Check out our photos below and hope it gives you a wonderful ride down the memory lane!

Animaster: "It's my first Nendo photo taken using my iPhone 3GS" (2010)
"Miku wishes you all to have an awesome weekend! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ" (2015)

Allgroassai: "This is my first nendoroid photo using DSLR and get featured on Good Smile Company’s Photo Contest Memorial Book WonFes #13 in 2011"
"Senkan, Re-Kyuu!" 2015
Kixkillradio: "I love to dress up my nendoroids, this was my first photo of Azunyan wearing my doll's clothes. Taken with my friend's dslr Nikon 5k" (2011)
"In this photo shoot, I didn’t based the set from the anime but it was inspired by deliquient wars and graffiti in abandoned buildings." (2015)

Wieselhead: "Arisa was my 3rd figure, but I took a figure photography picture of Arisa for the first time. She's a kind of figure I really like, an attractive Onee chan type with glasses, so I really had to take a picture. Since that day, I found a lot of joy in figure photography and slowly started to improve." (2008)
"Kongiku is a stunning, beautiful figure with a strong presence and very appealing appearance. The face is simply beautiful with it’s details and lively expression." (2015)

Grishnakh: "Practically the first photo I took of the Range Murata figure, was realized for a Christmas contest. The scenery wasn't particularly elaborated, I simply put her beside the Christmas tree, but the light effect that was created was really beautiful. The photo reached the finals in the contest and this encouraged me to continue to photograph and to collect figures." (2008)
"Waiting Under the Rain"
"I thank my mom for helping me with the rain :D" (2015)

Wndrenvy: "Ever since I fell in love with this hobby, I thought learning indoor lighting is a must. But starting from this photo onward, I realized lighting is not a simple thing! haha!" (2010)
"Taken at 6.44 PM, and as you can see the sun was still so bright! 
At first I was a bit worried because around 6 PM the sky was so cloudy, but luckily enough the sky moved around 15 minutes later."
Dancing Queen/GSC Mamitan
"Kaname Chidori" (2006)
 I’ve been so excited about this Miku figure since she was first announced. This version of miku is hands down my all time favorite!


FullOAnime: "The lengths I'd go for my favorite character. Taken in early 2012"  

"I wanna start taking pictures of Nendoroid Renge going places. She was a lot of fun to walk and explore with." (2015)

Vince Photo-Desu
VinceCi: "Danbo is enjoying herself by drawing the Eiffel Tower. This was taken in 2009."
"She dozed off while reading the magazine." (2015)

YukataOnly: "I start of buying nendroid then this was short with a iPad background and some wood chip is foreground, it not what I like but I just wanted to try, I don't know anime and I saw your pic and tell me self what if I build a diorama" (2013)
"Scratch built this slight damage scene to compliment Kongou." (2015)

Hinagiku: "I used compact for the hinagiku pic, and her BG is the monitor ^^" (2012)

"I Will Wait For You" (2015)

Bakayaro: "I was addicted to Lineage 2 so I wanted to own a figure of it. So the little dwarf became my first figure and also my first test object for figure photography. Taken with my old Nikon D3100." (2011)

NY Otaku
NYOtaku: "Here's my VERY first figure photo I ever took, this was my first nendoroid I ever got with my very first camera I ever got (which was like a really crappy 1mp point and shoot). This was like 6 years ago, It's totally embarrassing ^^; but I guess it shows how with time and practice one can improve!" (2009)
"Honnouji Academy- The Early Years" (2015)

NCNendoroid: "This is my very first outdoor photo" (2011)

Lexy Photography
LexyPhotography: "I had just opened an instagram account, it was dormant with a few random photos. When Ryoko arrived, I was inspired by the TV series 'Girls of the Playboy Mansion' and decided that given her sexy pose and bunny costume I wanted a tasteful photo that suited her voluptuousness. I decided the bed with the curtain background would keep it classy! I used iPhone for this shot and relied on the halogen downlights in the room." (2012)
"First Carrier Division, Akagi reporting!"
I used some blue cellophane and little blue plastic pieces i found at the discount store"

ExKurogane: "This is my very first shot taken with my DSLR after I bought it." (2012)
"One of the trickiest figures i had to deal with when it comes to getting photography ideas - having to come up with a SFW shot for a figure that screams NSFW all over." (2015)

"Voices of the Sea" (2011)
"Taken at Po Toi Island, Hong Kong.
On a night of summer, a doll was sitting by the ocean and watching the mighty milky way rising." (2015)

Lastly, here's my very first figure photos! XD

I always say I didn't start with toys first, but with people, events and landscape photography. Then I found these two Korean figurines at home and I took pictures right away.

I didn't have a decent figure back then so I borrowed my friend's paper danboard! He's super cute, but what the hell was I thinking using a cheesy filter, with a vignette, OMG. *cringe*

I'm not sure who she is, but she's my first anime figure. Also taken in 2011, heck my watermark is really obvious.

To all my friends who shared their photos with me, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! It's fun to see how we've all grown and learned throughout the years. It makes me cringe looking at my very first figure photo, but great things starts with small beginnings they say and I'm sure we're all proud of what we've become now!

Cheers to toy photography!

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  1. An awesome post pinkcheeks, it's nice to see these many great pictures of everyone.
    And of course funny how the first tries turned out, although even a few of these are beautiful,
    like Animaster's ^^ With some practise and a road full of difficulties to master, we make our beloved figures and Nendoroids shine more ♡ ٩(^▿^)۶

    1. Yes that's true! Practice makes perfect and a really big thank you for sharing! This is also the first time I checked back on my very old figure photos and I'm glad everyone is game for this! :)

  2. The last one is Día from Shugo Chara

    1. Oh wow thanks Sammy! I remember I got it from my sister, it's a keychain haha ;)