Ace Water Spa + Tapa King Night

12:12 PM

It was a great bonding night for me and bestfriend at Ace Water Spa in Kapitolyo, Pasig City. She got this buy one, take one promo for their new site there. Back then I thought we'd fly to QC just to have ourselves pampered but I was glad about the new branch they had that's just a taxi ride away from our office. When we arrived, the place looked like a high-rise condominium that's still in the works, so it smells like paint all over LOL. 
For Php550.00, you can access every facility at the spa and for those who failed to bring their swimming gear, they also have rentals for swimsuits and towels for Php200.00 each. have to wear a swimsuit and a red swimming cap (wtf why red?) within the premises. The reason? Loose clothes will just flow freely around the water so the water pressure won't press much on your body--which is the form of massage you are getting at this place.
 It was so neat there, from the entrance to the lockers and of course the pools and spa itself. This is the locker room and here's what their  lockers look like..spacious eh? You just leave your shoes at the rack by the entrace and walk barefoot if you don't have slippers LOL. The path to the right leads to the spa area and those were the shower stalls, btw. Each stall has a hot and cold shower, free liquid soap(which smells like hand sanitizers lol) and shampoo. Good thing I brought conditioner with me coz that's something I would never step out of the shower without having it on me. LOL. Even when I'm on a trip or have sleepover somewhere, I always get irritated when I ran out of hair conditioners. :D They also have hair blowers for us to  use (you have to wait for your turn of course) and extra plastic bags for your wet clothes.

That's the big pool for all those Mark Spitz wannabes out there who would snub the spa which is at the right side. What I liked the most are the hot water pools. They got these 4 scented pools, but I like the Jasmine pool better coz it's the hottest(i think) at 40°C. I felt the tension on my muscles melted away by taking a long dip at that pool...oooh I wanna go back! We also tried the Sauna..LOL we were laughing inside coz we didn't know the steam's too unbearable for our face hahaha! So we thought of the purpose of dipping first in cold water before entering the Sauna. We didn't even stay longer than 3 minutes there lol.

I also liked how their resto-bar looked like. The interior could pass as something a hotel should have. It's spacious but it's sad we weren't able to try out their food. Boooo~
So after checking out, we went to Tapa King which is just a few blocks away from D' Ace Plaza.
The Menu =)
The place was small and cozy, I like the interior. The red walls and chairs screams Tapa King all over coz that's their signature color.
Fatz ordered Tapa Queen, a sweet and spicy version of their original Tapa King. I tried it but my hate for spicy food kicked in so I don't like it na agad LOL.
Tapa Queen is looks moist and juicier than the Tapa King, and puh-leezzz their servings are too small! Just look at how few the meat was on my plate!
But I liked their sinangag...compared to Sinangag Express, where their sinangag doesn't taste like sinangag at all. Tapa King's sinangag tastes garlic-y. =)

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