Wicked Cookies!

7:37 PM

I found the recipe at Everyday Food Bites blog (TFS! ^^,) but since there are no Oreos, I tried mine with cookies! This is a very simple recipe and it's a perfect alternative for your plain, old merienda. Really easy to prepare too! :)

The ingredients are:
- hotcake mix
- 1 egg
- cup of water
- 1 tablespoon of oil
- cookies of course :3

So...Joining me in the kitchen is Azu-nyan and Hachi :3 

Haha she peeks before preparing the batter LOL
 Mix it well.. mix it well.. mix it well

 There! After preparing the hotcake mix, drop the cookies and coat it evenly
 Deep fry the cookies!
 Finished product! Golden brown wicked cookies hehehe
LOL who gets to eat it first?
The taste? Think of warm, moist and chewy chocolate chip cookies! =) I'll try to cook Garlic Marbles next time!

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  2. They look yummy!
    to get them to be a little more fluffy, make your batter really thick :D

    oh, and I loved Azu-nyan and Hachi! they're so cute!