LSS: Not This Time - Cultured Pearls

11:59 PM

I've been sitting on my bed
With a glass on my hand
Tryin' to figure out a way for me to understand
Through this talk we've just had
The questions I have asked somebody yesterday
About the sign that's in your eyes
About the biggest smile
All your face in the way
Questions I have asked somebody how you feel
Only eyes reveal
Your answer's not for real

But I can't read you mind
Not this time
I just wanna know what you're going through
I don't feel wrong about asking you
But I can't read your mind
Not this time

There are times when you don't wanna say
That there are problems in your head that you can't explain
I have been that way
Baby there's a hunger, a kiss or two
But not forever do
If only I'd reach you

Maybe I'm a child
Maybe I'm a woman
Maybe I am old
Maybe I said something
Reasons, to push me away
Maybe I have laughed
Maybe I have cried
But never did I try
To put hurt on your side

I can't read your mind
Not this time

If only you'd let me know what's on your mind...I tried so hard but you won't open up and let me know at the time you're still mine...Now that you're gone, it gets harder each day to think what time will bring..."Only time will tell..." that's what you said, I guess I have to follow that Shy, until eventually we'll realize what was meant to be at the first place... 

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