Done At Last: My Tenori Tiger

5:48 AM

Here's the last part of making my DIY Tenori Tiger. The figure I made last time dried overnight so then I went ahead and traced the face and its stripes using a pencil (good thing I don't suck at drawing >:)) This served as my guide before coloring it and making final touches using a a permanent marker.

Here are the materials I used, I bought kid's paint in white and orange colors, a cheap brush and a marker.
I had to mix white and orange together to make a lighter shade of orange.
Painting the face first, then the rest of it body...
Done I let it dry overnight before tracing it again using a permanent marker. The pic doesn't show the initial tracing I made using a pencil, but its visible in the actual fig.
So the paint job is done! It's not too smoooottthhh T_T I guess I put too much color on it.. but I still like it!
What are you looking at???
*insert evil laugh here* >:) I'm done with my custom fig! I'm happy with the results hehe...Update: The paint job has gone smoother as the figure dries completely. I think I wont put a topcoat of gloss on this one. Hehe.

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